What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is one of the traditional, effective and efficient methods to lift subsided concrete slabs. Also known as concrete leveling, slab jacking, concrete lifting, slab leveling, mudjacking is one of the most inexpensive methods. Mudjacking involves injection of a mixture of the topsoil and portland cement underground hydraulically through a hole made on the surface of the concrete. The mud slurry which is injected through the hole fills the void underneath and thus lifts the concrete surface upwards. Although it is one the traditional methods, it is very effective and yields long lasting results. However, the invention of better techniques like polyjacking has resulted in mudjacking taking a backseat. The main problem with mudjacking being that it needs to be rested for at least twenty four hours after the repair. Moreover, the slurry which is injected is very splashy which makes the repair area clumsy which requires to be cleaned after the repair. In spite of the problems with mudjacking, it is still widely used for repairs as it is cost effective and easy. Mudjacking does not require much expertise thus, it is very commonly used in repairs. It is a cheap process without any additional costs of expensive materials.